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Russell Brand is Captain America

Finally I am witnessing the birth of a new nation, a new day in America. Today I know the identity of Captain America and it is not Ronald Reagan; no, it is non other than British comedian and actor, Russell Brand.

What a strange choice of actor that history should use to bring forth such intelligence and passion - he is a warrior for justice, to address inequality which is iniquity. Keep swinging your sword Russell Brand, yes, sharpen that quiver. I see that you are keen for the righteous target.

I wish you God-speed my brethren as you keenly clarify the concepts at play and expose the one's who would pertuate neglect and ruin; as they abandon Earth's people and without a sense of shame. Expose them samurai for everyone to see.

*The contents of the above blog should not necesarily be attributed to the blog's author. The author assumes no responsibility for the contents of this blog.


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