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"Do you seek higher thoughts and concepts to meditate on, to promote emotional, psychological,

and spiritual well-being?"


I AM ‘Mind,’ I AM ‘Consciousness, delivers a dramatic spiritual development of the original metaphysical ideas disclosed in the authors paradigm-shift, entitled, Our Curious World of Mirror Images (2014). I AM ‘Mind,’ utilizes the same paradigm disclosed in Our Curious World of Mirror Images as a new pair of lens, to take a whole new look at the vast universe, the omnipresent expanse of space and time, to reveal a new radical and enhanced, intelligent view of the Cosmos. This new holistic concept explains where space(time) comes from and supports its' thesis with abundant scientific evidence. This original perspective manages to assimilate our ideas of the invisible GOD of Abraham, reconciling it with empirical science, to disclose GOD in the form of our magnificent transparent universe.


With the introduction of this bold new concept of GOD (Our Curious World of Mirror Images), the author then revisits ancient sacred texts (Our Curious World of Mirror Images) bringing them to light in whole new ways that open our eyes, to increase understanding; and, remind us again of GOD.  We are then able, by virtue of this meaningful new paradigm, to see GOD everywhere and in everything. GOD then becomes increasingly accessible to us so that we experience GOD in our daily lives. 

  • Entirely New and Original Concepts

  • Resonates with Truth

  • Confirmed by Science

  • Elicits a Spiritual Impulse Naturally?

Our Curious World of Mirror Images:
Reflections on how Symmetry Frames Our Universe, Empowers the Creative Process, and Provides Context to Shape our Lives


Part of the beauty in this book is in how it brings to life our deepest scientific laws and uses them as the foundation to develop and confirm a new yet ancient metaphysical concept called, positional symmetry (requisite mirror image).


Positional symmetry (requisite mirror image) is a conceptual framework–a means whereby we are able to understand how existing things come into being. This  paradigm serves as a lens to illustrate a new holistic model of the universe, all in an accessible manner for most anyone to read. The end result reconciles many polarized views and brings considerable amounts of added meaning to life.


See The World in a Whole New



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