Introducing a new holistic concept that provides a clear new pair of lens for the mind. This new idea depolarizes our perceptions of reality by revealing the answer to the most ancient and deeply compelling paradox, the great mystery embedded in the dual nature and symmetry we observe throughout  reality and utilize in the laws of science

With this new paradigm we are able to conceive how existing things come into being and reconcile the separation and polarization inherent in our present worldviews that distort our understanding, thereby polarizing reality.

The social ills of our societies, such as sexism, racism & the myriad forms of hate and other social diseases; and the ravages of mental illness, as we try to cope, are all derivatives implicit in our present dualistic way of thinking.

The benefit of this new paradigm is that it resolves the greatest paradoxes we face as spiritual beings in a materialistic world thereby enhancing our understanding. Which in turn promotes well-being. I am inviting you to read, "Our Curious World of Mirror Images", today. It is here where Science and Spirituality are wed into one beautiful, deeply resonant, & truly meaningful concept.

  • Reconciles the divides between Eastern and Western traditions, religion, science, and philosophy,

  • Reveals the origin of the invisible field we call Space(Time)

  • Sheds new light on the meaning of GOD

  • Explains how existing things emerge and form into being

  • Self Actualization Meditations

  • Bridges Dualism/Separation/Polarization

Want To Change  the World?You Must

Change the Way You See

the World!


What if GOD (invisible and everywhere at once) is already apparent but in disguise? 

Want to see How?

An Eye-Opener 

to the Meaning of GOD​​



“It is rare that an author can describe a perception of the universe that is simple to observe,

yet quite profound. The symphony of his words is a harmony that I can receive, respect and resonate with… Each time I read this book, I find new insights, adventures and wonder.” —Dimensions of Quantum Healing/ Blog Talk Radio

Titus Joseph takes us into the depths of some of the most profound questions that have been raised by science and philosophy.  He shows us that which is irreconcilable is really reconcilable, that all is really a reflection of the mystery of the universe --- The One. 

This is a must read ...Obviously I recommend the book highly.

Dr. Allen Carter, Ph.D., ABPP, Author, Producer/Host of the Award Winning TV Series "WHO AM I"

...brings home possibilities and understanding for so many people.

Anna Banquilan, Universal Enery Radio

... A Must Read For Truth Seekers...

Wendell Matthews/ Aquarius Magazine 

Through reiteration and dissection, Joseph makes his central thesis easily understandable, even to readers less well-versed in philosophy... An ambitious book recommended for anyone interested in how patterns of nature might inform existential understanding.

—Kirkus Reviews



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